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    THE ABOVE ARE SAFETY CONCERNS BECAUSE: Canada has NO federal, legislated means for enforcements regarding dam construction & safety ...it is a provincial responsibility (and IN ONTARIO, dam construction & safety is legislatively and provincially enforceable ONLY as is made currently applicable by law... ie: ONLY pertains to dams where there is a natural water "infeed"!) :
  • Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Legislation, regulating Ontario dams – LRIA:
      · Lakes and Rivers Improvement Act, R.S.O. 1990, chapterL.3
    "Minister’s regulations re dams":  (2) The Minister may make regulations governing the design, construction, operation, maintenance and safety of dams in any lake or river or any defined portion of a lake or river. 2001, c. 9, Sched. K, s. 3 (2)."
  • HATCH Parks Canada Dam Safety Standards
      · Note above page excerpts: "...since dams are a provincial responsibility, there was no cohesive national policy for dam-safety regulation. Although all provinces have Water Acts under which dams can be regulated, only British Columbia, Alberta and Québec had enacted regulations specific to dam safety..."
      · "Modern dam safety standards are evolving and many jurisdictions around the world have had significant difficulties with similar undertakings—for example, the province of Ontario has been working on its new system for more than a decade."
  • July 2007– HATCH energy's Final Report: Dam Safety & Condition Assessment for Hamilton Conservation Authority
      · Pg 10 excerpt: "The province of Ontario has not yet implemented dam safety regulations."
  • Ministry of Natural Resources: Environmental Registry Notices
  • October 04, 2010Environmental Registry-Policy PROPOSAL Notice–Technical Guidelines and Requirements for Approval under the Lakes and Rivers Improvement Act
      · Excerpt:"This proposal was posted for a 67 day public review and comment period starting October 04, 2010. Comments were to be received by December 10, 2010."
      · Contents-Undated, Ministry-Unidentified, Un-"signed" MNR Explanation: Key Messages & Frequently Asked Questions
  • August 24, 2011Environmental Registry-Policy DECISION Notice–Technical Guidelines and Requirements for Approval under the Lakes and Rivers Improvement Act
      · MNR's final decision: "At this time, MNR is not proceeding with any new regulatory requirements due to the uncertainty around implications to small dam owners including municipalities, conservation authorities, and small, private dam owners. "
      · Scroll down to View All [58 received] Comments (apparently, nobody had dreamt of a "dam" without a natural water infeed, like Northlands upper reservoir?)
      · ONTARIO REGULATION 454/96 CONSTRUCTION – "2. (1) For the purpose of subsection 14 (1) and section 16 of the Act, approval is required, (a) to construct or decommission a dam that holds back water in a river, lake, pond or stream to raise the water level, create a reservoir to control flooding or divert the flow of water;"
      · Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources – Dams, Water Crossings and Channelizations - Biodiversity Branch

    It has been SO easy for Northland Power to tell the public "the truth" that their "project" design, construction and maintenance will meet with all "civil requirements" and modern "dam safety standards" — WHEN THERE ARE NONE!...that are applicable to their so-called "project" ...