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Media coverage of events held in Marmora on Oct 25, 2012 and related items:
· Flyer outlining objections       · BIG PILE IN THE SKY: doggerel poetry by Doctor Chase

Read my never-answered Written Questions to Council related to Northland's proposal submitted on July 30, 2012
(Additional unanswered questions about the Official Plan Amendment (OPA#16) snuck through at council's morning planning meeting of Aug 2, 2011, the "local" ICSP, and our Reeve's 2010 "inaugural speech" on "Meet Un-Citizens")

Learn more about pumped storage in general at: Do the math


The Fight of Our Life in Marmora - For Our Lives:

Since June 2011, We the "Un-Citizens" of Marmora and Lake have been disenfranchised for publicly & independently voicing our ignored concerns with Northland Power's proposed building plan for their "pumped storage" project's massive water-storage Upper Reservoir (aka UR)... a man-made lake-in-the-sky of "waste rock pile" construction, to loom above village homes.

Why "any and all" returned letters of requested support appeared, but any screened comments deemed "negative" remained unknowledged by the Municipality and refused publication on the webpage we're all forced to pay for but denies the existence of some, had at first remained a mystery – until the sickly shade of lipstick that's always applied to pretty up Agenda 21's incremental establishment of Sustainable Development's foreign "governance model" started wearing thin.

Council's approved & led, publicly-funded marketing campaign to promote this private developers project apparently required their public silencing of local dissent.

  • “When a government starts trying to cancel dissent or avoid dissent is frankly when it’s rapidly losing its moral authority to govern.” - Stephen Harper (except for the local Council for Marmora and Lake, Ontario?)

    Here are the real transgressions that were being committed by some principled and informed people locally, in an attempt to kick Sustainable Development's reversal of traditional political roles to the curb:

    Local council's unannounced June 7, 2011 unanimous decision to immediately support this project exactly as-proposed – on behalf of their totally unaware local electorate's "interests" thus "balanced" with the wider interests and objectives of council's never-publicly-evidenced "overwhelming support from the whole world community" – was established 3 days before The Public was informed of Northland's profits-generating proposal and their support for it.

    Visit the "Meet Un-Citizens" page to follow my chronologically-ordered "diary" of related developments and other local council-sanctioned attacks on property rights and freedom, that have concurrently hit home hard and below local belts.

    SEE for yourself - how the power of propaganda preying on mass gullibility, publicly misleading information/ labelling and deliberate obscurement of local dissent have ensured Northland Power's project proposal became a potential flooding threat to scores of local lives and properties.

    You'll need to study and keep the municipality's "Marmora Pumped Storage Project" promotional webpage handy for reference.

    • See any letters from local residents posing objections or opposition?

    Please pay particular attention to photos and artists' concepts of Northland's proposed project's Upper Reservoir in their presentations & videos, as linked from the municipal project promo webpage!

    • See any houses or a local nursing home?
    As you're pondering why this project's promotion by the Municipality and Northland Power does not indicate any presence of local opposition or houses in our Village of Marmora, I hope my photos will help you understand that local frustrations intensify as fears remain unresolved, in lockstep with local concerns for life and property being rendered publicy invisible.

    See me waving to you from my front window, just beyond the southern (right) edge of that yellow ellipse?

    There are 3 urban streets between the Crowe River and this project's planned "waste rock pile" Upper Reservoir !

    We're right here, like we always have been, in plain view of those who want to see us!

    I snapped these 6 photos (including our local nursing home) on Sat. February 4th 2012, to prove it!

    LEARN for yourself - the intriguing similarities of the details for Northland's proposed pumped storage project you studied from the municipal project promo page - and those for the Taum Sauk pumped storage plant and its "upper reservoir" as it was originally built in the 1960's, including the details and photos of the catastrophic, December 2005 breach of Taum Sauk's original Upper Reservoir, from my Links page.

    Would you be surprised that the USA's Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Independent Panel Of Consultants (IPOC) report's section 3.2 noted that "Taum Sauk was the last newly constructed dumped rockfill CFRD in the USA"? (See pdf pg 2 - HERE )

    Would YOU want to live adjacent to the base of Northland's proposed (and apparent copycat version of Taum Sauk's original) Upper Reservoir? Neither would WE!

    Compare MY aerial "concept" photos of the proposed Upper Reservoir to Northland Power's "artist's concept" within their project presentations on the municipal promo page:
    NOW you can at least see a few of our homes in the Village of Marmora, between the Crowe River and the proposed "waste rock pile" upper reservoir that Northland Power's images conveniently cropped out :)

    Those fighting Typical Northland Nonsense and community-destroying "effects" here can empathize with our counterparts elsewhere (who are actually battling Northland Power renewable energy projects):

    "This is what projects like this do," replied Mr. Beaudry, "I'm not dividing the community, this project is."

    From YourOttawaRegion.com's article by Rosanne Lake - Nov 03, 2011 - Residents voice concerns at Tay Valley solar farm meeting:
    Tay Valley councillor Brian Campbell said that the township passed a unanimous motion two weeks ago not supporting this project.

    Not all councils sell their citizens out in Northland Power's interest, like ours did!

    My deepest gratitude to:

    • An experienced mainstream media journalist who privately advised me, on my birthday in 2011: "...you need to continue the campaign to at least be heard. That attached document containing nothing but praise is simply absurd. Real questions deserve real answers."
    • The many knowledgeable and committed Ontario provincial employees in every single energy-related office I talked to (ok, "unloaded" on) at length last summer.
    • First Nations' researchers, whose expertise and level of commitment is nothing short of mind-numbing to a bumbling novice like me.
    • Mr. Jim McIntosh, who blogs on the website of the Libertarian Party of Ontario.
    • The Big Green Lie
    • Mr. Tom Adams, Independent Energy and Environmental Advisor - the first person from outside Marmora to publicize our local plight and enable Marmora people to speak out from a safe distance.
    Each of you has been a sanity-saving gift and inspiration. Know that you will remain fondly remembered!

    Additional reference materials may be made directly available at my discretion, upon request.